How to Pick a Spot for Well Drilling in Tampa, FL

The location makes a big difference for wells. You need access to potable water but from a spot that is relatively convenient too. Here are some tips for well drilling in Tampa, FL, to help you make your project a success.

Stay Far Away from Septic Drainage Fields & Animal Pens

Fecal contamination via the mouth is one of the most common ways people get sick—and it doesn’t take much fecal matter. Keep your water sanitary by noting the location of any septic drainage fields and animal pens and drilling far away from them. Your well drilling service will determine how far away is safe.

Avoid Areas with Large Rocks

When there are large rocks on the ground, there are likely more below ground. Large rocks will make well drilling more challenging, time-consuming, and costly, so look for an area that doesn’t have rocks. Note that stones and pebbles that are small enough to be held in your hand don’t pose a problem.

Consider Neighboring Properties

If your property doesn’t have any promising locations, try talking to your neighbors. They may be willing to grant you permission to drill a well on their property. Be sure to get their permission in writing and secure a right of way to the well to avoid legal issues now and in the future.